What are dental implants?

It is an artificial root designed to adapt to the maxilla or the mandible, integrating into the patient’s bone (osseointegration) . It has a characteristic screw shape and a treated surface to facilitate integration.

For its placement surgery is required. After a few weeks, the osseointegration between the implant and the bone is achieved, that is, the implant is fully integrated into the bone, offering the resistance and stability that the prosthesis that we place later will need. When the osseointegration process has been carried out successfully, the prosthesis is placed, designed in a personalized way for each patient.

Today, in some specific cases, dental implants can be performed “without surgery” (without stitches), immediate implants (tooth extraction and implant in the same session) and with immediate loading (placement of the prosthesis the same day of insertion).

How is the process of dental implants?

▪ Diagnosis
Diagnostic tests, 3D study, preparation of the treatment plan and interview with the patient.

▪ Implant placement
Implant placement by surgery in the space where action is needed.

▪ Osseointegration
Implant placement by surgery in the space where Integration of the implant in the jaw bone. The duration depends on each case and / or situation prior to treatment.

The first step in treatment planning is to carry out a complete case study , with various diagnostic tests and a 3D radiology study that we carry out in our clinics, as well as a clinical examination and an interview with the patient to find out their needs. Once we know the extent of the problem, we can plan the treatment.

With local anesthesia , one or more implants are placed in a single session.

In the event that the patient feels anxiety before the treatment, in our clinics it is possible to use conscious sedation, which will allow him to relax completely.

The implant will have been integrated into the bone (osseointegration ) after a few weeks of rest , variable time depending on the case. Once the implant is integrated, the records are taken so that the laboratory can manufacture the fixed prosthesis (dental piece) that will be anchored in the implants.

Some cases in which the bone mass is insufficient, are addressed in two stages: first, regenerate the bone and, later, place the dental implants.

We have the ideal solution for your case

Single dental implant implant + crown + consultations
The dental implant works as a support for the placement of a crown that replaces the natural tooth perfectly.

All-on-4 solution implants + provisional and definitive prostheses all-on-4
In more complex cases, the solution can go through the All-on-4 surgical technique, using 4 implants that support temporary teeth on the same day.

We are specialized in dental implants

Professionalism and experience
Our team of implantologists has the necessary training and experience to guarantee safe treatment with the best results, mastering all the techniques we use.

Advanced implantology
We design for you a personalized plan of comprehensive advanced implantology treatment , to give an optimal solution to your problem. Thanks to the diagnostic equipment we use, we can adapt the treatment to your needs.

The best materials
Implant placement by surgery in the We use the best quality materials, both for the implant and for the crown or cover that we will later place on the implant. This guarantees perfect osseointe.

We are pioneers in the use of the latest techniques
for dental implant treatments

We are specialized in advanced dental implantology , beingable to offer comprehensive dental implants treatment, personalized and adapted to the patient’s needs. Thanks to the use of the most innovative technology and the most current techniques, we can offer you an optimal solution, recovering functionality and with excellent aesthetic results. Our service is comprehensive, performing in our clinics from diagnosis to fabrication and installation of the crown. We have a team of implantologists with long and proven training and experience in dental implants.

CBCT intraoral scanner

The CBCT intraoral scanner allows us to carry out a detailed study of the patient’s teeth , obtaining a 3D image thanks to a computerized process connected to the scanner. With this, we can make projections from all angles, with clarity and precision that facilitate your study and treatment planning.

Design CAD / CAM

The CAD / CAM design is a new digital system that allows you to recreate with realism the design and production of the dental prosthesis. It constitutes a great advance in the field of dental implantology, due to the millimeter precision achieved in the design and manufacture of dental restorations. This provides us with a higher success rate in dental implant treatments.

Professionalism and experience

Our team of specialists knows all the advances in the field of dental aesthetics, being able to offer a treatment of the highest quality and with maximum safety for your oral-dental health.

Payment Methods

In order to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of, without compromising your day-to-day, VIP DENTAL has several payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your family budget .