VIP Dental orthodontic aligners are the most demanded orthodontic method in recent years. It offers an excellent result, with a high aesthetic since the aligners used are transparent and very discreet. It is precisely for this reason that many adults with malocclusion and malposition problems decide to take the step and undergo orthodontic treatment with the revolutionary VIP Dental method.

When do we recommend an orthodontic treatment with VIP

All orthodontic patients can undergo VIP Dental treatment to solve the problems of misalignment of the teeth . However, it is important that the orthodontist carefully evaluate each case and make a complete diagnosis of the patient’s oral situation, in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment among the multiple techniques and systems.

VIP Dental

The aligners are designed according to the patient according to digital planning and the exclusive material.
Several aligners are designed to monitor changes in tooth positions and correct them progressively. It is necessary for patients to use the aligners for 22 hours a day, and it is possible to remove them to eat, brush their teeth or for any other activity they wish, as long as the recommended period of use is guaranteed.

Aligners starting
at 18.000 元RMB

The great advantage that VIP Dental offers is that it is a very comfortable treatment for the patient. It allows easy oral hygiene, since the aligners can be removed for eating and brushing. Adapting the patient to the aligners is easy and comfortable, since these are almost imperceptible, facilitating the patient’s normal development of their daily routine.

How is done the treatment in VIP Dental ?

Previous diagnosis
As in any VIP Dental invisible orthodontic treatment that we perform, the first step is the complete diagnosis
of the patient’s teeth. This allows us to analyze in depth the oral situation and the necessary treatments. In our
clinics, we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists that covers all dental specialties, being able to plan the combination of treatments that best suits the needs.

Real dynamic 3D simulation

In order to correctly plan the treatment with VIP Dental, first, we take impressions from the patient’s mouth with
conventional impressions or with the intraoral scanner , processing all the images obtained through the computer.
We then electronically send all this information to the VIP Dental International Planning Center , which will send
us a virtual dynamic simulation carried out with the ClinCheck software developed by the brand itself.

This simulation of the patient’s 3D teeth has been a real revolution in the field of orthodontics, since it simulates the movements that must be carried out with orthodontic treatment until the desired result is achieved, with great precision and showing the patient the result you will get when the treatment ends. In this sense,VIP Dental is one of the orthodontic treatments that offers this possibility of seeing the before and after treatment without the need for external technology

Manufacture of VIP Dental aligners

The specialist, together with the patient, carry out as many check-up sessions as necessary in the computer simulation, until the desired result is obtained . We then send this simulation to the VIP Dental Manufacturing Center , which will be in charge of preparing each of the aligners (“aligners ”) that the patient must subsequently wear throughout the treatment.

If you approve the treatment plan, then we will start to print the model and make clear aligners & retainer.

Start of Treatment

At the moment when the treatment begins, we deliver to the patient the sets of aligners that will constitute the
complete treatment. In almost all patients braces, the color of the tooth, are attached to some teeth. We indicate
to the patient how to carry the aligners and the order, since they will have to change them generally every 15 days .
The aligners must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours , and can be removed during meals and for oral hygiene.

Completion of treatment and delivery of retainers

When the treatment with all the aligners has been completed, it is checked that the result obtained is as expected. In the event that any correction should be made , we request VIP Dental the necessary adjustment aligners . At the end of the treatment, we give the patient a retainer (“put on and take off” device), which must be worn only at night. This will prevent the teeth from returning to the initial position, as there is always a certain natural tendency to do so.

In the follow – up phase after finishing the treatment , we usually meet the patient again a couple of times a year , to be able to check that there has been no recurrence and that the results are maintained.

Advantages of VIP Dental

Just deciding you’re ready to transform your smile is a big step. The next step is deciding the best way to do it.Get to know why VIP Dental clear aligners

1. Nearly Invisible

Just deciding you’re ready to transform your smile is a big step. The next step is deciding the best way to do it. Get to know why VIP Dental clear aligners.

2. Removable

VIP Dental aligners are made with SmartTrack® flexible material, making it super easy to remove and put on, unlike braces which are fixed. Now, you can enjoy your favorite food any time you want.

3. Lesser Pain/p>
SmartStage® and SmartForce® technologies ensure there will only be gradual and gentle yet effective teeth movement throughout your treatment, as compared to braces which may irritate and cause pain.

4. Lesser Doctor Visits

Unlike braces where you have to visit your doctor every 3-4 weeks, VIP Dental frees up your chedule with visits to the clinic only once every 6-8 weeks.

5. Clearer Timelines

VIP Dental treatment allows you to visualize every stage of the treatment, giving you a clearer picture of the treatment duration. Braces can only give you an approximate duration at the beginning of the treatment

6. Better Oral Health

Since VIP Dental aligners are removable, you can still floss and brush your teeth as per normal whereas braces may make it difficult for you to clean in between the metal brackets which can result in plaque accumulation and poor oral hygiene.


Our team of doctors and specialists work together to deliver excellent treatment to our patients. We believe that when the doctor speaks directly with the oral surgeon and the lab technician, face-to-face, our team is able to deliver a better patient experience. Every VIPDENTAL doctor goes through a rigorous screening process to make sure that they will uphold our strict standards of quality. We look for doctors with experience and excellence in treating their patients.

Why should I put the device in the VIP DENTAL dental clinic?

  • • Multidisciplinary and International Medical Team with extensive experience and trainin
  • • Market-leading quality for orthodontic appliances
  • •3D digital planning diagnostics (before and after) are used
  • • Best price with the possibility of paying in interest-free installments

Professionalism and experience

Our team of specialists knows all the advances in the field of dental aesthetics, being able to offer a treatment of the highest quality and with maximum safety for your oral-dental health.

Payment Methods

In order to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of, without compromising your day-to-day, VIP DENTAL has several payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your family budget .