The Invisalign is the world’s leading brand of clear removable dental aligners, proven by the experience of millions of people who have used this technology, and the results were achieved in all types of cases, even in the most complex. This is also the treatment that offers the highest predictability of the result, thanks to digital planning, which allows to anticipate the result even in the evaluation consultation.

Aligners starting
at 18.000 元RMB

Aligners as unique

The aligners are designed according to the patient according to digital planning and the exclusive SmartTrack material.

Several aligners are designed to monitor changes in tooth positions and correct them progressively. It is necessary for patients to use the aligners for 22 hours a day, and it is possible to remove them to eat, brush their teeth or for any other activity they wish, as long as the recommended period of use is guaranteed.

Teeth Straightening in 3 Simple Steps


First impressions count
To begin your teeth straightening process order an impression to take your dental impression at home and send them back to our team.


Let’s get things straight
We will create a customized invisible aligners treatment plan designed by our specialized team of orthodontists.


Go ahead. Smile
Watch the magic happen as your new smile showcases straighter teeth month.

Aligners is a series of custom-made clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into the prescribed position.

Using computer-aiding diagnosis, sophisticated AI, digital design and advanced automated manufacturing systems as well highly advanced orthodontic technology, a set of clear aligners are made.

Your smile is gradually improved by changing to new aligners every two weeks.

Main Advantages

Proven the effectiveness and results of invisible aligners, its advantages are indisputable. In addition to offering the benefits of conventional appliances, they are a more comfortable and discreet proposition.


Professionalism and experience

Our team of specialists knows all the advances in the field of dental aesthetics, being able to offer a treatment of the highest quality and with maximum safety for your oral-dental health.

Payment Methods

Packages of various solutions suitable for each case includes Upper and Lower Jaw + Control Consultations + Containment Device.