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Recover the security of a radiant white smile

The tooth whitening is a dental treatment aesthetic that enhances smile , provides security and improves self – esteem. Thanks to the treatment, we were able to reduce the original color of the dental pieces by several shades . The new aesthetic dental treatments are designed to achieve an optimal result without damaging the teeth, achieving a bright white smile.

When do we recommend a teeth whitening treatment ?

The teeth whitening treatment is indicated for all those people who are concerned about the color of their teeth, be cause they have a more yellowish color or with spots caused by tobacco or coffee or simply because of aging. Before considering treatment, it is important that the mouth is clean and healthy. In the event that there is any pathology, it is advisable to first solve this problem before undergoing teeth whitening.

We have the ideal solution for your case

Combined whitening

(phase in clinic + at home) In addition, we perform the [combined technique in which we use remineralizing and desensitizing , which allows the treatment of patients with tooth sensitivity in a more comfortable way and minimizing discomfort.

Home Whitening

For home treatment, the dentist makes a personalized tray for each patient and provides the whitening gel with the concentration necessary to achieve the planned results.
The manipulation is done by the patient himself and the use must be daily, and can be done even during sleep. As the concentration of the agent is low, there is no risk of irritation to the mucous membranes or increased sensitivity of the teeth.
The result can be seen between two and four weeks, requiring periodic monitoring in the office.

Stages and process

▪ Pre-prophylaxis and polishing
We begin by polishing the entire mouth to remove possible tartar and other external stains, leaving each tooth perfectly clean and ready for treatment.

▪ Gingival protector and gel application

To avoid damage to the gums, we put a gingival protector. Next, we apply to each tooth the gel that will contain the bleaching agent in the ideal concentration for the patient.

▪ Strengthening the resistance of tooth enamel
The application of different products helps to reinforce said resistance.

▪ Led lightLed
To ensure that the active ingredient acts on the tooth enam-el safely and effectively, we use a lamp, for example an LED light, for a few minutes.

▪ At home
To improve the results obtained, the patient must follow the treatment at home according to the guidelines set by the specialist, and which consist of the use of a personalized splint with carbamide peroxide that must be worn for the time indicated in each case.

Our teeth whitening treatment

The teeth whitening treatment that we carry out in our clinics consists of the application of a gel that contains an active ingredient with high whitening power .
We generally use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in a concentration that ensures effective and safe treatment for your teeth, and which we adapt according to the type of procedure we are going to use.
Several sessions can be performed, until the desired color is reached, without risks to the health of our teeth.

Our types of whitening treatment

Professional Whitening
The treatment is usually done with hydrogen peroxide – three times more potent than carbamide peroxide, used in home treatment – with or without the activation of halo-gen light or laser.
Because it is a very strong chemical agent with the potential to cause irritation to the oral mucosa, an internal protector is used to isolate the gums, lips and cheeks.
The results are achieved in one or two sections, each lasting approximately one hour.
It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, there may be increased sensitivity in the teeth, a condition that tends to decrease between 15 days and a month.

Professionalism and experience

Our team of specialists knows all the advances in the field of dental aesthetics, being able to offer a treatment of the highest quality and with maximum safety for your oral-dental health.

Payment Methods

In order to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of, without compromising your day-to-day, VIP DENTAL has several payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your family budget .